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Johnny Bull And Silver Knight
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Johnny Bull And Silver Knight Project

Total Value of Gold, Silver, Platinum and All Other Precious Metals = $70 Billion
Above Ground Tailings = $20 Billion
In Ground Reserves = $50 Billion

Gem stones found in tailings and in ground could significantly add to these values.

Values have increased up to 30% due to rise in current market rates for gold.

Located near Chloride, Nevada these 2 Claims on adjacent properties total 24.6 Acres. The patented mining property is on private land with water and power available. Apache owns both mines outright. All taxes are current.

US precious metals reclamation mining

Deposits include tailings with some hard rock. Apache will conduct above ground tailings reclamation and advance to mining. There are shafts that have been filled or collapsed on the properties.

The Spectrography valuation assay information is less than 6 months old.

In addition mining expert/project manager, Sam Cooper, conducted a Fire Assay showing an estimated 3 oz/ton gold in the below ground reserves.

Gem Deposits: The property was once owned by the Santa Fe Pacific Railroad Company.

They drilled eight holes 100 yards apart to various depths and found diamonds in all eight holes. The area is the result of volcanic activity and a caldera is located near the site.

AMT has performed spectroscopy on random surface samples, which show diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires among the tailings in addition to the gold, silver and platinum.

Arizona gem mining news

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