Gold, Precious Metals, Rare Earth Mining

Targeted Huge, High Value Tailings Deposits Property Acquisition

The Crown Jewel of Apache Mill Tailings

$1.7 Trillion Above Ground Assets

Nobel Metals, Precious Metals and Rare Earth Deposits

Asset Valuation Verified and Confirmed By Area History,
Multiple Assays and Spectrograph Analysis

2 Million to 3 Million tons of ore mill tailings

60 foot high mound piled above ground

Extremely Rare and Highly Valuable Asset

We are in the process of acquiring this property

We are in the process of acquiring this property with an estimated over $100 Billion in Nobel Metals. This together with the 17 Rare Earth Minerals found in Assay and Spectrograph tests give us a total value of over $1.7 Trillion in Above Ground Assets.

Completing this acquistion would give Apache Mill Tailings the assets to be recognized as one of the largest mining companies in the world.

precious metals reclamation mining company

15 acres of private land is right by the highway. It has 2 water wells and electricity.

Asset is located in one of the most prolific mining towns in American history.

The ore mill tailings site is just outside city limits and above ground. Highway and Railway access is available for cost effective shipping to our processing plant.

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The tailings are from a mill where only premium ore was taken to be processed. The rich in gold ore brought to this site was from some of the most productive gold mines in the state.

Geologist & Metallurgist consultant's analysis of this site estimates that at least 30% of the gold brought to the site throughout nearly 100 years of operation still lies unrecovered.

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