Gold Reclamation Processing

Environment Friendly, Gold and Silver Processing Plant Acquisition

Future Processing Plant, Mill, Equipment, Real Estate, Mine and Tailings Property Acquisition

Apache is in the process of acquiring a complete mill processing facility designed and set up for environment friendly gold and silver reclamation on a 20+ acre property near Chloride, Arizona.

$7.5 million total value for the plant, buildings, equipment and land

Over $600 million worth of above ground tailings rich in silver, gold and copper are on the property.

The 20+ acres of private land is surrounded by 180 acres of BLM leases.

Assets on this property include:

   *  A complete, functioning mill processing plant

   *  9000 sq. ft. steel structure plant building customized for our purpose

   *   Mining and processing equipment

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   *   Environment friendly processing plant does not use any harsh chemicals or toxins

   *   Power generators

   *   Trucks and Motor Home

   *   3 water wells on the high desert land

   *   Power and septic for plant operations

We will begin processing the on-site tailings, targeting the significant Gold and Silver deposits at first.

Tailings pond deposits, previous processed for silver, can be rapidly run again for gold.

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$165 Million Gross Year One Revenue projections are estimated from processing 35,000 tons of tailings. This should generate over 78,000 ounces of Gold and 975,000 ounces of Silver.

As onsite tailings are processed over 70,000 Tons of Tailings can be supplied from targeted nearby sites. This includes our Johnny Bull and Silver Knight property.

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