Precious Metals Reclamation Mining

March 30, 2020 -- New NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate Valuation Report Issued For Major Apache Reclamation Project Property. Contact Company Representatives for Access.

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Taking Treasures From Tailings

Apache Mill Tailings USA, Inc. is a precious metals mining company specializing in gold, silver, copper and high value, rare earth minerals reclamation recovery. To maximize profits, accelerate project success and reduce risk, we work with above ground mine and ore mill tailings deposits.

Reclaiming Rare Earth Riches

Vast treasures are waiting to be taken from selected properties with already mined tailings piles. Old processing technologies focused only on gold recovery have left behind fortunes which can be easily recovered. No mining is required. These riches are above ground and "shovel ready".

Multiple environment friendly, non-toxic processing technologies are available to quickly and profitably reclaim these precious metals.

Additional Benefits - We plan to use all reclamation by-product to create mortarless, interlocking building blocks and bricks perfect for construction of affordable housing, retaining walls and civic buildings. Applying this patented technology will create a sustainable, seamless complete manufactured product loop.

USA reclamation mining company

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precious metals reclamation from ore mill tailings Reclamation

Harvesting Fallen Gold. Specializing in the environment friendly reclamation recovery from above ground, previously mined and milled tailings deposits, we do not have to dig or build mines.

Normal mining costs are about 50% of the income derived. Apache's reclamation costs are estimated to about 3% of income.

Old time ore processing only looking for gold left behind vast treasures of waste tailings piled in above ground dumping sites. Old separation technology missed tremendous amounts of gold. Vast fortunes of precious metals and rare earth elements - Not even known of at the time - were discarded. These treasures are ready to be recovered by Apache using simple modern processing technology.

Our shovel ready, high value tailings processing reclamation business strategy will produce fast revenues and high profits margins.

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precious metals recovery processing Processing

Advanced Reclamation and Nano Recovery. With several high yield processing processes available to us, we can customized each project operations to deliver maximum profits as fast as possible.

Utilizing our specially designed truck mounted systems we can set up production quickly and scale up to multiply production outputs as needed.

Loading trucks and shipping ore to vetted crushing and processing facilities will produce rapid project revenues.

We also have the option of using on site crushing equipment and non-toxic leaching systems. Dry method heat systems and advanced air separation green technology will be used on future projects.

An environment friendly company, Apache will lead the way in the use of current and new technologies for high profit reclamation processing.

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precious metals mining projects Projects

Deposits Worth Billions of Dollars. We select the best high grade, sweet spot mining claims in prime areas of historically known successful gold mining districts. The project sites have immense above ground tailings piles that can be readily processed. Large mining projects or major ore mill processing plants, where the best ore from 100's of miles around was shipped, operated on these sites.

Our targeted 4 initial projects are located in the Western USA. Assay results verify easily recoverable gold, silver and high value precious metals deposits worth Billions of Dollars.

The assets, revenues and profits from these projects alone would make Apache a mining industry leader. A conservative projection of $186 Million Monthly Revenue can be generated from these projects.

Additional projects are being investigated and negotiated for acquisitions at this time.

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